Ferrari Parts Department in Norwood, MA

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Ferrari Parts in Norwood, MA

Genuine Ferrari Parts in Norwood, MA.

At Ferrari of New England, our dedicated parts specialists provide you with decades of shared experience. We work hard to provide you with only authentic Ferrari parts that will elevate your vehicle's performance in Norwood.

Explore the range of luxury and exotic parts available now at Ferrari of New England.

If you think there's an issue with your Ferrari, but you can't find the cause, just bring it over to our dedicated service center. Our exotic car experts will quickly determine which part is the issue and we can get it replaced immediately. We have a huge range of parts optimized for your luxury vehicle, and if we don't have something, we can always order it.

  • Brakes: Performance brakes near Quincy give you sharper responses and a deft touch on the road. If you're experiencing brake issues like sticky pedals, noise, or friction in the pedal, our Ferrari parts specialists can help diagnose the issue and find the part that will fix it. We offer performance brake pads, discs, rotors, and more at our Boston area luxury dealership.
  • Oxygen sensor: Also written as the O2 sensor, this part ensures your exotic car's fuel usage is optimized. A faulty sensor is often the culprit behind a persistent Check Engine Light and our specialists can easily find the right sensor to match your model.
  • Ignition coil: This crucial piece of the starting mechanism converts the low voltage energy of the battery into something that can generate a spark in the spark plugs and ignite the fuel. If your Ferrari is slow to start, then the issue could stem from this common problem.
  • Spark plugs: Another common issue that will trigger your Check Engine Light, spark plugs provide the spark necessary to ignite the fuel in your Ferrari. Other symptoms include slow acceleration, loss of power, and difficulty starting the car.
  • Exterior lights: To get the most out of your exotic vehicle near Newton, you need everyday parts like headlights and taillights working well. Feel free to come to us for a replacement, but our service center can also help clean out bulbs and casings to prevent fogginess on the road.
  • Remote keyless entry: This is one of the most convenient pieces of your new Ferrari, but if your fob gets damaged you need a quick replacement for ease of access. Our Quincy area Ferrari dealership will quickly correct your keyless entry system.
  • Battery: Your car battery uses its power to start the ignition process. There's nothing more satisfying than the roar from igniting your exotic car's engine, and there's nothing more frustrating than the turn of the key being met with nothing. Grab a new battery from our parts center and get your Ferrari running at the top of its game.
  • Radiator: This is one of the most common parts for a DIY project and our professionals are here to find the radiator that works for you. The radiator allows the coolant to release the heat it captures near the engine block. This is a crucial part that gets a lot of punishment in performance cars, so it is important to be aware of any issues you have with an overheating engine or leaking coolant.
  • Catalytic convertor: This part converts the gas and waste coming out of the engine into less harmful pollutants. Without your catalytic convertor, your exotic car will lose performance and not pass inspection, so it is important to replace this major part soon if broken.
  • Stop by today and get an expert opinion on the part you're looking for. Whether you're working on a DIY project, or you plan on bringing the vehicle into us, we will help you get a great deal on your next Ferrari part.

Ferrari POWER

Ferrari POWER ( Pre-Owned Warranty for Exclusive Retail) extends vehicle coverage to a period of up to 15 years.

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Ferrari Classiche

Ferrari Classiche was created specifically to provide restoration and maintenance services, technical assistance, and Certificates of Authenticity to owners on classic Ferraris.

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Tire Center

Need to purchase new tires for your Ferrari? Use our convenient tire finder to find what's available. 

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Extended Coverage Plus

The Ferrari brand has long been synonymous with power, thanks to the superior performance and cutting-edge technologies offered by its cars. This power has never compromised the class, styling, or elegance of the GTs. The result is a unique image, instantly recognized all over the world.

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Keep Your Ferrari Looking And Running The Way It Should With New Ferrari Brand Parts

Your Ferrari is a beautiful piece of machinery and requires a specific set of skills, replacement parts, and knowledge to make it stay that way for a long lifetime of driving excitement. Whether you're behind the wheel of a strong, sporty, or elegant Ferrari model, you'll want to take care of it the best way you can and part of that is by using the best possible replacement parts and added accessories.

Here at Ferrari Of New England, we have quite the variety of pristine OEM Ferrari parts and accessories. From the right oil and filter for your powerhouse of an engine to the matching interior floor mats, our parts and accessories are designed for your specific Ferrari model and will fit like a glove. Here are some of our more common parts purchases.

  • Boch Tires - We know exactly what type of tires your performance vehicle needs and our Boch Tire Maintenance & Protection program will prepare you for any unexpected tire mishaps.
  • Ferrari 458 Italia Accessories - Specifically for your Ferrari 458 Italia, these accessories will make your Ferrari 458 Italia truly your own.
  • Ferrari New Accessories - Whether you're interested in adding more tech, like the new data racing kit, or you'd like to find a replacement for your old accessory, this catalog will have everything you're looking for.

Visit Ferrari Of New England To Order Your Ferrari Part Or Accessory Today!

Whether you're DIYing your Ferrari service or you're looking to add accessories to your stunning Ferrari model, make sure to find your parts and accessories from a place that knows Ferrari vehicles and the Ferrari brand. If you already know what type of part you need, feel free to fill out our online parts order form and immediately place and order. If you aren't sure which part you require, our parts department is ready to help you find and order the exact part or accessory your Ferrari needs. Don't hesitate to contact us or visit our MA dealership to learn more!

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