Get The Most Out of Your Ferrari

Those who choose Ferrari relish in the thrill of sport driving and high-end luxury. The best way to keep that thrilling Ferrari feeling alive and get the most out of your high-performance vehicle is with expert factory-certified service and genuine Ferrari parts and accessories. Ferrari of New England is your go-to source all things Ferrari, including Used Ferrari Cars in Norwood, MA, Ferrari Car Repair in Norwood, MA, and Ferrari Auto Parts in Norwood, MA.


Genuine OEM Ferrari Parts

Ferrari of New England is your source for high-quality OEM Ferrari parts and accessories. No matter what you and your Ferrari may need, you'll find it here in Norwood, MA. 

  • Ferrari Accessories - Looking to perfect your sport performance vehicle with data racing kits, performance gear, and other custom accessories? We offer a complete catalog of genuine Ferrari accessories to help you take your drive next-level.
  • Ferrari Tires - Tires are where your Ferrari performance vehicle meets the road. Choosing quality tires and ensuring you have plenty of tread left will keep your road performance going strong in any weather during any adventure. We offer performance tires perfect for your Ferrari, including summer, winter, and all-season tires. We also offer service plans to protect your tires.
  • Ferrari Brakes - As high-performance vehicles, it's important for Ferrari cars to have high-quality performance brakes in good condition. We offer premium brake pads and rotors for Ferrari vehicles.

Factory-Certified Ferrari Maintenance and Repair Service

Your Ferrari is a precision-engineered machine built to strict standards and tight tolerances. That's what gives your Ferrari vehicle the edge when it comes to premium sport performance. The best way to keep your Ferrari on the cutting edge is with regular maintenance and service completed by genuine Ferrari expert technicians like the team here at Ferrari of New England in Norwood. Our Ferrari automotive technicians have all the advanced knowledge, training, equipment, and parts necessary to keep your Ferrari at the top of its game. Our Ferrari services include: 

  • Oil Service - Clean, high-quality engine oil is key to maintaining your Ferrari as a luxury performance vehicle. We'll change your oil and filter to ensure you Ferrari is ready for peak performance.
  • Tuning Service - It's important to keep your highly-advanced Ferrari motor in top-shape for optimal performance. Bring in your favorite vehicle for an engine tune and stay at the top of your game.
  • Tire Service - Keep your Ferrari car fast off the line and short on stops with high-quality tires in good condition. We'll balance, rotate, and replace your Ferrari tires quickly and correctly every time.
  • Brake Service - Stop on a dime and conquer those curves with high-quality performance brakes. Bring in your Ferrari for brake service if you hear any squeals while stopping or notice decreased brake performance.
  • Fluid Service - Keep your engine running cool, your steering responsive, and your brakes high-performance with regular fluid level checks and flushes. We handle it all right here at Ferrari of New England.