Ferrari Classiche Program

Ferrari Classiche - Protecting Your Classic Ferrari

Ferrari of New England can help you preserve the value of your classic Ferrari. The Ferrari Classiche service is available to Ferrari road cars over twenty years old and selected limited production vehicles. Please inquire to see if this service applies to your specific model. Owners will be provided with a document confirming the authenticity of their vehicle.

Ferrari Classiche Benefits
We specialize in servicing all Ferraris from 1947 to the present. For more information on the program, please call Ferrari of New England Service at (781) 619-6979.

Ferrari Classiche Download
Download the Ferrari Classiche Program information booklet to learn how this service protects your classic Ferrari.

Classiche Restoration
Ferrari's very first GT cars roared out of the factory in Maranello in 1948, and some 60 years later the majority of these cars still exist.

Naturally, their owners are anxious that the vehicles remain operable, safe, and thrilling to drive.

Maintaining and servicing these sophisticated cars is a specialized and delicate process. In fact, the majority of garages are incapable of undertaking this task. Thankfully, Ferrari offers its clients a first-class restoration service to protect the heritage of these classic vehicles.

Each component of a Ferrari is designed and constructed with a focus on outstanding performance. Detailed information on every Ferrari built is stored in the company's extensive archive. This archive also contains all assembly sheets, as well as original designs dating back to 1947. Ferrari Classiche has access to the in-house foundry, where the same machines used to construct the original parts can be found. This is precisely the reason that the team of experts can restore any Ferrari to its pristine, original condition. 

When non-original mechanical parts are found, the car can still be restored to its authentic condition. Using original designs and special machinery, Ferrari can produce or supply spares conforming to the original specifications. This is an essential part of the restoration and maintenance service provided by Ferrari Classiche, as it allows owners to fully restore their historic Ferrari models to their original splendor. 

Certification & Authentication 
For more than 60 years, Ferraris have been eagerly sought after by classic car collectors the world over. One of the main functions of the Ferrari Classiche department is issuing Certificates of Authenticity to road-going Ferraris over 20 years old and all Ferrari competition cars, including Formula 1 single-seaters of any age. These certificates confirm the vehicles' authenticity and provide important documentation for buyers when the vehicles are sold. All certified vehicles also have the luxury of taking part in official Ferrari events including the Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge, which takes place in Europe and North America.

During the certification process, the cars undergo a thorough inspection at the Classiche HQ in Maranello. Referencing Ferrari's extensive historical archives, a committee of experts known as COCER (Certification Committee), chaired by Ferrari Vice President Piero Ferrari, evaluates the technical characteristics of each car awaiting certification. The technical examination of the car is the most important step in the process. It determines whether the car is fully functional and if its chassis, engine, gearbox, transmission, suspension, brakes, wheels, bodywork, and interior are original or, at the very least, comply with the original specifications.

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