Ferrari Service & Maintenance FAQ

Where Can I find the Expert Service my Ferrari Car Requires?

You drive a Ferrari. We don't have to tell you that that means you're driving something special. From the very first Ferrari's that hit the road in the 1940s to the models releasing today, the Ferrari lineup has routinely raised the bar in terms of high performance, luxury style, and great features.

Even the most impressive cars, however, need regular maintenance to keep running their best. You don't want to bring something like a Ferrari to just any service center, however. When you need maintenance, you want to make sure you're bringing it to technicians who know how to treat it properly. You want a service team like the one you'll find at Ferrari of New England.

What Kind of Vehicle Service Can Ferrari of New England Provide

When you bring your car in, you'll find us ready and waiting to handle whatever issues you're dealing with. If you need general maintenance, we'll be happy to help. We routinely take care of essential services like inspections, oil changes, tire rotation, brake maintenance, battery inspections, and more.

Our experienced and trained technicians are likewise equipped to handle more specialized maintenance jobs. You don't even have to know what's specifically going. You'll find our service team equipped and ready to diagnose your vehicle's issues and provide a solution to get you back on the road.

Where Can I find the Ferrari-Brand Replacement Parts I Need?

Not only are we a superior source of Ferrari service, but we're also a source of Ferrari parts. Our stock of replacement parts comes straight from our manufacturers. They're built to provide an optimal level of performance. That means they'll last longer and work better than the kind of parts you'd find from less specialized sources.

If you come to us and find that we don't have a part you need, our team can also place an order to get you the parts or accessories you need. All you need to do is let us know what you're looking for. Our parts team can handle the rest.

What if I Need New Tires for My Ferrari-Brand Car?

When you're driving something like a Ferrari, you'll need tires that can match the high-performance experience your car is capable of. Ferrari of New England can help you find the specific tires best suited to the car you're driving. The right set of tires can provide the quality and performance you need to enjoy the road to its fullest.

Schedule an Appointment at Our Expert Service Center Today

If you feel like our Norwood, MA service center might be the solution to your maintenance needs, get in touch with our service team today. This can be as simple as giving our service team a phone call. Our friendly team of service experts will be happy to help you find a convenient time to bring your car into us. If you'd prefer to do it online, we also offer the option to schedule service on our dealership's webpage.

And if you have more question about the service we provide? Our service team would be happy to answer them. We can tell you more about Ferrari's seven-year maintenance plan more information about all of the maintenance service we can provide. We can also fill you in our extended coverage options, and all the rest of the various ways.