Storing Your Ferrari or Exotic Car in New England

When it comes to ownership of a Ferrari or other exotic car one thing that can never be overlooked is maintenance. Whether it is tuning your car to get the best performance when you drive it or making sure that it is maintained throughout its storage time, our specialized team here at Ferrari of New England does it all. If you haven't thought about your winter storage plans for your Ferrari or exotic car, you should consider the advantages of managed storage.

Ferrari of New England Storage and Maintenance

Here at our storage facility we offer year-round storage and maintenance for your vehicle. Many of our customers use our winter storage plan to make sure that their vehicle is ready when the weather gets better. We work hard to ensure that the first time you take your vehicle out after winter it is as ready as you are.

Winter Storage Advantages

  • Climate-Controlled Storage Facility
  • 24-hour surveillance system and night-time security guard
  • Battery and tire maintenance
  • We can fill your tires with nitrogen upon request
  • We can handle any services that need to be addressed while in storage

If you have a Ferrari or exotic car in the Norwood, MA area, be sure to contact our Ferrari experts and ask about our winter storage program.

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